Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Surgery

So basically, I got that ligament reconstruction – menisectomy surgery done. The surgery which is supposed to fix my leg? Yea, that one.

This post? This post is the result of the boredom, pain, and irritation caused by laying down, without moving my leg, for too long. :P

Oh well, I'm not sure if I have the right to complain though, I mean, this IS the treatment for my leg right?So I really don't know if I'm allowed to complain, :P. But that thought doesn't really stop me from saying, “Goddamn, it hurts. :/”.

The surgery was a success. And it wasn't helped by the fact that I was conscious for the entire thing. :P The anesthesiologist (at least, that's what I think they're called) who was a resident, was kind enough to talk to me during the damned thing and I on the other hand, was kind enough to bug her with my questions. “How long does this thing last normally?” “Can this bed take my weight?” “Am I irritating you?” and at one point of time, I really wanted to ask, “What's your name?” :P. In my defence, she DID look good. :)

Oh well, so after the anesthesiologist tried to put me to sleep, failing miserably, and finally deciding that there was no use of giving me any more sedatives; the surgeon finally proclaimed that he had done his job and could now rightfully claim the five or six digit fee that he charged just to cut open my knee. (I'm sorry, I was a little more concerned about the anesthesiologist rather than how much the surgeon's fee was. :P)

Yes, she looked THAT good. :)

So that was that, and next thing I know, I was being wheeled out of the operation theater so that it could be made ready for the next 5 or 6 digit-fee-paying-victim that the surgeon had set his sights upon. I was taken to the 'Recovery Room', funny they should call it that, I didn't feel like I had recovered at all in that hell-hole. It was all groans and moans of pain around me and an occasional pat on the shoulder from the doctor who had the bad luck to be supervising that room that day. “Don't worry son”, he said, and added after that “You'll be better in no time!”. Well, it's been 2 weeks, and I'll be damned if I did recover yet. :P

Well, I guess that's how doctors work, they promise you that everything's going to be ok, even when they know, as sure as I know that I'm too tall to fit into any of those Guwahati buses, that things are NOT going to be ok. :| Even the doc back in Guwahati, when she first saw my face, and I asked her if it was bad, (I've been getting good at asking stupid questions lately. :P), she said that it was quite minor. Only later did I realise that about half of my face was bruised and bleeding. :D

But, after everything, they DO try their best. And even though they do try their best, I've realised something. (And this is one of those moments when I share a little of my immense knowledge with you :P) I realised that what they do, is like mending cracks in a wall. No one can replace the wall, what one CAN do is, just try to cover up the cracks, and hope that they don't come up again.

Oh well, here's hoping that the cracks that I have, aren't too big or deep. :)


Today's song: “Canon in D major” by Palchebel

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Diary,

No I don't hate you. I just can't write nowadays. I'm very sorry. I know it's been very long since I've written. It's just that I've had a lot of things on my mind. And now, Eggjams. *shudder*
I shall get back to you as soon as I can. :)

Yours truly,
The tall idiot with the crutch.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Q n A

These past few days, I've been having a Q n A round with this little voice in my head which normally goes on like this..

Q: What kind of idiot doesn't update his blog for almost a month?
A: The kind of idiot that Jayesh is.

Q: Oh very funny. Seriously dude, post something on your blog...
A: Yea yea, I...Wait a minute, that's not a question!

Q: Im serious you jerk.
A: That's not a question either! :P

Q: Not funny dude.
A: Do you even know what a question is?

Q: Fuck off.

Until next time,
Ciao :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"What I was, and what I am". The writings of a younger me.

This was up on Facebook until now. Thought I'd put it up here :)

What I was, And What I am.

I used to live a life
I used a live a dream
People used to look up to me
And some even envied me...

Now Im lost and hopeless
Trying to find a way
Its amazing that I'm still trying
When others faith would have given way

I used to smile a smile
I had a laugh that made thunder shy
People now wonder
What it is that makes me cry

Little do they realize
What they have done
They've used and thrown me aside
Like a half eaten bun

I used to have friends
I used to have foes
Now I don't know who is who
And have lost faith in my own home

I used to have you by my side
To support and care for me
Now you seem to have disappeared
Caring more about what they think than me

I used to be loved
I used to be adored
Now Ive been thrown aside by you
Coz now you have no need for me

Dont you see that I'm not wrong?
Dont you see that I've not sinned?
Ive been paying for your selfish needs
And your every whim

You care more of what others think
Not giving heed to my words
I'm doin what I know is right I say!
But when no one stands by me....I'm like a flightless bird

I've had my fill
Whats done is done
Is it that you don't care??
Or is it that I ain't a "someone"

But I'm telling everyone of you
That I'll still be there for each one
I'll stay here till you understand
That for me, your a special one


I now live my life
I'm now gonna live a dream
People will look up to me
and some will envy me

I was once, lost and helpless
Was trying to find a way
Its amazing that I tried so much
When others faith would have given way

I now smile a smile
I have a laugh that makes thunder shy
People now wonder
what it is that makes me smile

I used to have friends
I used to have foes
Now i know who is who
And have faith in my own home

I no longer care
What others think and do
Because, today?
It is I, who rule...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday :)

On another note,

Happy Birthday Mom. :)


When fate decides to play with you, you have to play. :P

I really have no idea what I meant by that. :P But yea, these past few weeks, I've been getting more and more pissed off with what one would call my 'Fate'. I really don't know what got into Him recently, if there is a 'Him' up there that is. But he's been pissing me off these past few days. :)

I mean, it's hardly been a month since I last posted something that started of something like this, “With a badly twisted finger, a swollen on and so forth”, that nice little sentimental piece about Dubai, Guwahati and Hyderabad, remember? (in alphabetical order, not preference. Diplomacy I'm learning.:P) But yes, it's only been maybe 5 weeks since my 'injury'. I had a knee cap dislocation, along with some ligament damage, a lateral patella dislocation is what it's called (I think. :D) I was forced to wear a thick leg brace for what was maybe a month. For one month, I suffered with the damn thing. Trust me, when you're in Guwahati for the summer, the last thing you want around your knee is a I-could-suffocate-you-with-this-thing knee brace. I mean, imagine a quilt wrapped around your leg, and then, walk around in a place where when the humidity is 75%, it's called pleasant. :P

So yes, that's what I did. And finally, the day came, when the doc said, “Ehh, you know what? One more week, a little bit of physio, and you'll be fit enough to play for the NBA”. I didn't bother correcting him that people play 'in' the NBA and not 'for' it. Nor did I bother telling him that a clumsy oaf like me couldn't play in the NBA even if I was a foot taller than my 'measly' 6 foot 4 inches. :P But yes, I was grinning for the rest of the day. Hell, even if you came up and told me that I was supposed to wear that brace and that the humidity was a 150%, I would have grinned and said,”Ok!”.

But all good things must come to end. Sometimes even before they start supposedly. There was this one day, which was a friday, two days away from my mid-sems, when i conveniently forgot to wear that quilt around my leg. The only ONE day that I EVER forgot to wear it during the ENTIRE five weeks of rest that I did take. The one day that my luck and my fate decided to play a game with me. :|

Here's the story in short.

I had this class that I was late for-I forgot to wear my brace-I decide to take a lift on the way back from class-I call up friend who has a bike-He says 'Ok!'-I sit on the bike-Car cuts in front of us without indicator-Friend hits the brake-Bike skids when he hits the brake-I fall off the bike.

The most important thing that got damaged due to this mishap?
Yes, you guessed right, my Tag-Heuer spectacles are in shatters. :(

The second most important thing that got damaged due to this mishap?
My knee. :/

Yea, hardly a month after I posted that post which started off with the line “With a badly twisted finger, a swollen on and so forth” Im here, back at home again, lying on the bed, with nothing to do. I have a ligament tear supposedly, something that can't be fixed without an operation they say. It's the same ligament which was injured before. He could only take so much before he said, “Thats it!!! I quit!”. Poor fellow. I don't blame him really. He did his best :) My meniscus, which is something like a cushion between the knee cap and the knee bones, kicked the bucket too. :P

So, now, I'm 'reduced' to walking around like House with a walking stick.
(I'm going to have to edit that statement though, how can anyone be 'reduced' to Dr. House? He's awesome! :P)
And as far as playing 'for' the NBA is concerned. I'm not really thinking of basketball as a career right now, but thank you for the offer. :P

So what do I call this? Bad luck? Destiny? Fate? All of the above? :P

Whatever it is, I don't like it. And although I try hard to put up this cover that (I hope) shows that I've come to terms with it, I don't really know if I have. I don't think anyone's to blame for it. But I sure as hell don't see any reason behind it either.

Oh well,
Thanks, to those of you who stuck by me when I groaning with pain.
And thanks also to those of you who read through this piece of crap and are now groaning in pain. :)

Take Care.

Until next time,

Today's song: Metalingus by Alter Bridge.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Post 11.

With a badly twisted finger, a swollen knee and a broken pair of spectacles (All of them, the result of a basketball game gone wrong), I’m typing this post. It’s been so long since I’ve actually posted something on my blog, that I almost don’t know how to do it anymore.

This past one week in IIT Guwahati, has, to put it in a word, been ‘hectic’. With classes, labs, tutorials, basketball, tech-fest work, and the little bit of Personality Development Programme’s that we seniors hold for the freshers, I’ve hardly given any thought to the fact that I miss being at home in Dubai, I miss those evening I spent at my friend’s homes. I miss those few little things that I used to do. :)

But yes, I am back! To Guwahati, to my college, and this time as a senior. No more do I have to listen to what other people want me to do. No more do I have to run around doing errands for some random senior, whose name I don’t even know. No more do I have to make sure that I don’t get into any unecessary trouble. (Which, by the way, I don’t think will ever change. I ALWAYS get into trouble. :P)

And apart from the horrible weather, I must say, I enjoy being back. I’ve missed being in my room, with the mosquitoes and the lizards. I missed laughing with my friends when the mess worker calls the spoon, “Samas”. :)

I got to go to Hyderabad btw, and I must say, it felt GOOD. To finally meet all of those FIITJEE beggar-friends of mine. :P To go to IMAX to watch Inception.
To sit in my veranda and read my book, and just be in Hyderabad. :)

If I sound confused because of the way I refer to all three places and tell you how much I enjoy spending time in each of those places. Then let me tell you, it’s not because I’m confused.

It doesn’t matter if the place is in the middle of the desert, or if the place witnesses a bandh every week, or if the place is in the remotest corner of the country. It’s just that, all of these places? Believe it or not, these places are my homes. All of them. And that’s something I shall cherish. :)

Until next time,


Today’s Song: “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


On one hand, I really want to go Hyderabad. I really want to go back to Guwahati. But on the other hand? I don’t want to leave yet. I don’t think I really did all that I wanted to these past couple of months in Dubai.

Haha, right about this point in time, I was supposed to bored to death with holidays wasn’t I? :P Well, I really don’t know, but I don’t think I am. :) Don’t get me wrong, I AM kind of irritated. But not for the reasons one would expect me to be.

So, Blah.

I’m going to Hyderabad!!!

With all those friends ‘waiting’ for me over there. (Sarcasm)

With all those teeny weeny things that I got to do before leaving Dubai and after
reaching Hyderabad, I’m going to be a bit busy these few days.

So yea, until I have something to write about.



P.S. Today’s Song: “You’re not over” by Eminem.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who Am I?

Although the title somehow gives the impression of me writing an article that a Mr. Sanjay Shinghania would have written [assuming that he had enough of a memory to remember what he was writing about..:) ]But no, this isnt about me asking myself who I am in society, its more about me asking myself how I shall be remembered in society, by all those people that I care about . Who shall I be remembered as, when people look down at their lives and regret those 1000 things that they do regret or cherish that one moment that they think “changed” their very lives.

There’s always been this lingering question of who we are and what role do we have in life and the lives of others. And there shall always be this question of whether we truly are who we want to be, or else, why would we care of what others thought of us? Why do we care about what others think when someone or we ourselves do what we do? Why is it that I [and here I finally ask the question] always want to be someone who is remembered for what he was to others than for what he just was? And why is that it has taken me so long to realise the fact that just being remembered isn’t enough. Why is it that it has taken me so long to realise that a person isn’t just what he is, more than what he is, he’s what he’s remembered by.

All around us, we find a number of reasons to remember someone else, to remember and cherish or try to forget those moments that one has had with that one person, to hope that there will finally be a day when we get to relive those days, or not. There will always be a memory, like it or not, of any episode in life, and more importantly, every person in our lives. It’s those memories that tell us who that person was to us, who that person shall be remembered as.

Finally I ask, as a person in other people’s lives, who am I remembered as? Am I just another one of those thousands in one’s life who doesn’t seem to matter much? Or am I someone else? Am I the one person who was avoided? Or am I someone who is remembered because I was one of the people no one could ignore?

There are so many of these irrelevant, ambiguous questions that don’t seem to have much importance but whose answers seem to have such an irreversible effect on us.To some, it might not seem like this post may have a point, and they may be correct. Maybe this was just another post to take up some more of that infinite kb on the internet. But to some others, like me, this is what they feel to be more important than almost everything in their lives. After all, this is a question whose answer defines who we are. It gives us the answer to the question “Who Am I”.

Ciao :)

Today's Song: "Dreaming Wide Awake" by Poets of the Fall

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Back in IIT, there was this friend I had, Mohammed Gouse Jani was his name. He was this silent kind of guy, from an awesome family, but to be frank to the world, his family wasn’t exactly financially stable. And yes, he had more than his fair share of troubles. But he was a really nice guy, never spoke when he didn’t to, and always laughed at my jokes, no matter how bad they were. There was this smile he had on his face, a smile I never really could place.

One day, he left. He left IIT, and he never returned. The rest of his friends were as shocked as me, we tried everything we could to try to get in touch with him. We soon learnt that he had left Guwahati, to go back to Hyderabad so that he could start studying for EAMCET (The Andhra Pradesh State Entrance Examination) again. Not many people really cared that he was leaving IIT .Not many people knew him i guess. Very few did actually.

I was one of those few. But today, when I read in the newspaper, that he had topped the damn EAMCET, I let out a sigh of relief. More than that, I realised, that he actually did it. He did what he needed to do, and got one step closer to what he aimed for. What he wanted, I shall never know, but I’m glad that he didn’t lose his way. He just merely took another path. More than anything, I realized that it was wrong of me to worry about him, it was wrong of me to think that he had made the wrong choice by leaving IIT. It was wrong of me and my friends, although we did miss him, to ask of him to come back. It was wrong of us to forget what he had been through before he made the decision to leave. And for that, Jani, although I know that you will never read this, I apologize.

It’s a funny world this. The very things that we assume are rarely the most obvious. What we assume to be right, maybe not wrong, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing that’s right. The very choice that we assume to be right from the very beginning, doesn’t really have to be the ‘right’ one. In many cases, there is no right choice. There are only different ones. And that knowledge, I now know, makes all the difference in how we look at them.

Ciao :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cooking 101

Today was “The Day” people. The day I walked into the kitchen with an intention different from that of eating. The day I never believed that would come.

Today, my friends, was the day my mom decided to teach me how to cook.

Out of all the things I could expect that my parents were going to teach me, this was the most unexpected one. :P

“Driving”, or “Reading Telugu”, or even “Laundry” for all I care, were definitely above “Cooking” on the list. And yes, all those fears of burning afternoon lunch, or frying a curry into a black crisp….

They were for good reason.

Cooking’s no art, and no, it’s not a science either. It’s magic, that’s what it is. I mean, the way my mom literally just jerked the pan, and the paratha just did a 180 degree flip and landed, exactly where it was supposed to land. Or the way she just chopped a whole cabbage into mere pieces in a matter of seconds, THAT my friends, is something even Wolverine or Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), would be proud of. :P Or even the way she turned a mush of various items and a bowl of rice into amazing(trust me, AMAZING) biryani.

That my friends, is what she said I would be able to do if I kept practising.

Not so much. :P

But what I don’t get is how I’d be able to THAT, when all I was able to do today was cut the rest of the cabbage that my mom, so kindly, left for me. And lets not forget to mention that I cut it like a surgeon would cut open a guy’s chest with utmost precision. And yet, my mom felt that the damn pieces were too big. (To be fair, I merely thought I’d have to open my mouth a bit wider while eating. :P)

But yes, today’s day in the kitchen? Not so bad I must say. I didn’t burn the afternoon lunch, nor did I fry anything to a black crisp. (Toast doesn’t count ok? The damn timer was broken :P)

And most importantly, the fact to remember today is that I walked out of the kitchen alive!
(Seriously, there are enough tools in there to fatally injure someone.)

So yes,

Heres wishing that I’ll learn how to make a paratha do a 180 degree flip.

Ciao. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Robin Hood

Went for Robin Hood today.

Damn, it was lame.

It was like they tried doing a “Batman Begins” and a “Braveheart” at the same time. :P Ok ok, I know I’m not the movie-review guy from the newspaper that we all adore because he warns us not to watch or not to miss movies, so I’m not going to start reviewing movies every weekend for you guys. :P Although now, I’m seriously considering it as an alternative career choice in case my stint at IIT doesn’t go so well. :P Think about it, movies, popcorn, nachos, etc etc. Even your girlfriend would be pleased with the free tickets. :)

But yes, this post?
This post is just because I’m bored as hell.

So where was i?

Ah yes, Robin Hood!
Russell Crowe was a dissapointment, but admittedly, he didn’t have anything to work with in the first place. Me and my friends were so bored by the time Robin decides to lead the English Army to battle against the French (Yes yes, im still talking about Robin Hood,:P For more details on how this happened, read “Robin Hood” on any popular movie review site. :D), we started joking about every single thing.Like how Little John and the rest of the not-so-merry men get better looking English ladies than poor little Robin Hood(Cate Blanchett? Come on!!!). Like how the king of England always was and always is going to be a wuss :P. And by the end of the movie, we ended up getting a new nickname for me.

“Little J”, I’m to be called.

Yes sir.


THAT’S how productive this movie was. :P

Apart from the caramel and salted popcorn, the slush, and the nachos that the three of us idiots kept munching on, I didn’t have much to do in the theatre.Right from the word(s), “Long live the King” to the ending, I wasn’t really interested. That’s a phenomenon really, when a Russel Crowe film can’t captivate you, you know you HAVE a phenomenon on your hands. :P

And yes, my vote for the best scene in the movie goes for the following set of dialogue:

(Right before Little John decides to try his luck on a girl)
Friar Tuck: Little John?
L.J.: Yes Friar?
F.T: Why do they call you Little John?
L.J.: What are you trying to say Friar?! (Angry) Im well proportioned all right!


Ciao. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just for the sake of posting.

You know how hard it is for me to write nowadays?

I mean, seriously! You might as well put a damn block of concrete on the top of my table and call it a writer’s block. :P

These past weeks I’ve been finding harder and harder to write something good. And as days come and go this irritation I feel when I sit in front of Microsoft Word’s oh-so-friendly pale blue screen, only seems to increase. It’s like someone came along and pulled the plug on my talent-meter (Thank you BTW, Coz it was already empty wasn’t it?! :P) And nothing nowadays seems to help me. For eg. Look at my last post. Zero Comments.(Yea. ZERO :P) So much for confidence eh? :D

And everytime I hit upon a good topic, I'm instantly distracted by someone. OR Something. It's like God doesn't want me to write. Divine Intervention anyone? :P

On one side, I’ve got my mom, yelling and shouting and yelling and shouting at me for not doing something at sometime, somewhere, where I was supposed to be. On the other, I’ve got my dad pestering me about how I should ‘utilize’ my holidays. And I’m stuck over here, thinking that sleeping and watching movies, after those 4 months back in Guwahati, was what I would be doing for my holidays. But just like how the Israeli government can’t see the Palestinians get sympathy from the rest of the world, I guess, my dad can’t seem to take the sight of his tall son, growing even bigger, sitting on the couch in front of the TV. (Come on, be fair to him, he thought he had got rid of me a year ago. :P) (Just kidding Dad. :D)

And loads of other stuff. (Yes, your right, the ‘loads of other stuff’ is the actual important ‘dope’ :P) So well, it hasn’t exactly been totally awesome atmosphere for me to update my blog these recent days. :)

So until I come up with something decent to post.



PS. There’s this thing I saw on a “friend’s” blog recently. So I might just copy it. :P (Sorry Bunzzie. :D)

Today’s Song: “Going Down in Flames” by 3 Doors Down.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dubai :)

The City. The Desert. The Roads. The Cars. The Malls. The Metro. The Towers. The People.

These past few weeks, I have seemed to realize once again, why I loved growing up in this city which is such a whirlwind of what we call, life. :) There’s this movie which was released recently, “The City of Life”, is what it is called. And trust me, the moment I got out of the cinema hall, I started looking at this wonderful city in a different light. Yes, I DID see the very high cost-of-living. I DID see the struggle of every man to ‘make it’. I DID see the not-so-pretty side of everything. And even when I give you this glittery, shining, image of Dubai to look at, I still remember the many things that remain hidden, for most of the time, behind the granduer that surrounds the word “Dubai”.

When I left Dubai, back in 2007, and went to Hyderabad. I was nothing less than fascinated. I was shocked momentarily, seeing what life in India was like. And it wasn’t that I had never stayed in India before. It was just that this was the first time, that I had felt ‘Welcome’. :) . The feeling of “Coming Home” as they call it. Yes, I did end up spending most of my time stuck between 4 walls trying to crack the JEE, but I did feel the essence of Hyderabad. I love that place, and always will.

But it made me forget, those things about Dubai, that I shall now, always try to remember. Those small things like having a Subway, or a McD, or a BR, at every corner. :P. Or those big things, like the fact that, we are able to survive in the city-in-the-desert, during the hot summer months. And those irritating things like the evening traffic or the afternoon heat. Those very minute things, like the way all of us, from various countries, regions, localities, communities, castes, and religions, seem to ‘bond’ in way, I find beautiful.

The way, an Indian talks and laughs about the recent T-20 world cup, with a Pakistani taxi-driver. :D The way, a Filipino shop-attendant, gives fashion advice to a young beautiful French lady. The way, a church exists right next to a mosque. The way, BITS and Manipal, have campuses right-next-door in Dubai. :P The way, a Hindu and a Muslim fall in love, and the relationship blossoms for the years to come. (Sappy eh? :D But yes, this DID happen.)

The way, a few weeks in Dubai, can make you fall in love with it all over again.
No longer will I ever feel this sense of missing out, when people tell me that I have grown up outside India. No longer will I feel bad when people tell me that I have missed out on the ‘learning experience’. Because, staying in Dubai, and then in Hyderabad, has given me a sense of satisfaction. It has taught me much more than many people learn in many years. I have a sense of joy now, a sense of elation, a sense of pride, when I realize that I have lived in not one, but two cities. Two whirlwinds of life.

And my smile only widens, when I look upon the fact that, my journey has just begun.

Friday, May 21, 2010

That Special Spice :)

Ever have that friend? That friend, who acts like a fool, looks like a fool, and is a fool? :) The type who takes you to parties, only to end up drunk and makes you take him back home, the type that makes you look like a jackass in front of the girls, and himself, an even bigger one? The type that takes a little longer than usual to understand a completely normal joke, and laughs like a baboon, just because he wants to make a point? The type who would learn how to hack and then hack into your Facebook profile just for a laugh? The ones who would kill to drive a Ferrari. (Ok, I admit, we all would do that. :P)

We all have those friends. Those irritating ones. Those I-refuse-to-grow-up ones. Those live-life-big ones. Those friends who refuse to see a less-than-happy face. And in my opinion, it’s those friends who give our lives that little extra spice that it needs. That pinch of something that your mom adds that makes food at home so much better? THAT’S what those friends are in life.

That little cherry on a Baskin Robbins ice cream which makes it so much more delicious. That little bit of chocolate syrup that they dish out in such miserly quantities when you order a chocolate cake. That little bit of chaat masala, that our very own Indian street vendors put on top of our Ragda Papdi’s. That little bit of spice. That’s what these friends bring into life.

It doesn’t even have to be a friend. An acquaintance, a person you got to know for only a week, but makes you smile every time he says “Howdy!” . :P. A person you know only for a month, but that person is just awesome at bringing out the best in you. Those are the people who could, and probably already have, added that little pinch of mom’s special ingredient into life.

The point of this post was that, when you find someone like that. Make sure you never let ‘em go. No matter what happens, try to hold on. Because it’s only going to be too late if you realize later on life, when they’re gone. I’ve made that mistake once before, and yes, I do regret it. But also, like I said, if it doesn’t work out, don’t even flinch an eye.:P Live life my friends. Find out who that one person is, who makes you who you are. Who ‘redefines’ you, as they say in sappy romantic films. Who knows? And yes, for your friends, YOU maybe that one person. :)

Good Night.



Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Fooling Around. :)

Today was just another day. Me with friends. The Mall. The food. The fun. :P
So yeah, we decide to go to this Juice Centre, where we get fresh fruit juices and stuff. The normal in-the-mall, ever-so-expensive, we-offer-healthy-juices, juice centre. So, we walk up, and my friend (lets call her, X, just to make things easier for me while typing. :P), decides that she wants me to treat her.  Now, me being the Ive-never-had-a-girlfriend-and-now-wouldn’t-be-a-bad-time kinda guy, thought it would be best for me to just pay without argument. So, yes, I end up shelling out a twenty note, for her pineapple/mango/orange/and-whatever-the-hell-else-is-there-in-that-thing. While I wait for my change, I look at X, and she hits upon this brilliant idea to make fun of me. She takes the change (and luckily for her, it’s only a single coin….Like I said, ever-so-expensive.), and hands it to me, like a person would hand change to a beggar on the sidewalk.

Needless to say, I was pissed. In a good way, though. So, I take the coin, laugh. And turn to the cashier, and say,”Dude, got a girlfriend?” He looks at me with this “WTF is wrong with you?!!” expression (Don’t forget, I’m 6 ‘4” and I don’t shave that often, I’m pretty sure he thought I was drunk:P), and replies, “No Sir. “ I say, “That’s awesome man. Keep it that way. And if you ever get a girlfriend, this is what happens (I show him the coin), you end up collecting change, while she enjoys this (I point to her drink).” He laughs a laugh that I was pretty sure only the likes of Navjod Singh Sidhu could produce, wipes a tear from his eye, and says,”Sir, I’m already married.” Now I’m the one who laughed like I was at a Russel Peters Show, while X and the lady attendant at the counter, fumed like the burnt paratha’s I get at my mess back in IIT. :P

So that was that. Or atleast that’s what I thought it was, until the lady turned to X, and said,”That’s a nice guy you’ve got there.” While I stand mind-shocked for a second, X nearly spits out her drink, and says (yells),”What the heck?!!!” loudly.
(This is, or atleast I think it is, where I lost all chances of going out with her. :P)

Now, picture this. You’re in a mall, with front of thousands of people, and all you can hear, is “What the heck” echoing through the corridors. Yes. Your right, THAT loud.

The lady shuts up. Doesn’t open her mouth. She just looks at the counter, and stifles a laugh, almost choking while doing so. The guy? He looks at my t-shirt, not knowing what to say, thinks now is the right time to say,”Awesome T-Shirt man. :) I like it.”

I’m standing there like a jackass, with an awesome T-Shirt, mind you. And all I could think of was, God, Why in the world couldn’t you just make the drink cost a round 20.

So, we walk away. X with her pineapple/mango/orange/and-whatever-the-hell-else-is-there-in-that-thing smoothie, and me with a awesome T-Shirt, and a single coin in my hand.


When a girl asks you to, just buy the damn drink. And say no more.

Ciao. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Very First. :)

When I was a kid, whenever I went to a temple, I used to pray for something stupid. :) Like the latest Harry Potter book or maybe for a new bicycle. And yes, as time went on, I went on to things like, “Bless me, and bless everyone.” Later, I went on to, “Damn! God, please! Get me into IIT” and nowadays, I just pray for something like my Dad’s or my Mom’s well-being. Pretty decent, right?

Well, let me tell you what happened when I did pray for those things. I DID get my Harry Potter book. I DID get my new bicycle. I DID get into IIT, and my Dad and my Mom, well, they’re pretty ok too. :)

But what did I not get? What did I loose? What did I loose in order for me to gain what I have gained? If praying helps in us achieving our goals. And I say IF it helps. :) Then I would say that I’ve prayed for the wrong things in life. :P

I haven’t got what I’ve wanted. Although, I did get what I wished for. Confusing? Let me explain. I did get my new bicycle but not without me falling down over and over and over again. :P I did get a new Harry Potter book, and ended up being a couch potato. I got into IIT, after loosing a friend. And I guess my parents are pretty good, but not without me getting into a war with my dad or my mom most of the time.

Well, the point of this post is, it’s pointless to wish for something, to pray for something to go right. Just do what you want to do, and make what you want to happen, happen. And if things don’t work out, don’t even flick an eyelid. It’s not worth it. :)Don't give a damn of what people think of you. Live life, it isn’t meant to played safe. Quit wishing for things to happen, make them happen, but just make sure that you really WANT that particular thing to happen. Get it?

Haha, you thought this was going to be a fun little blog didn’t you? A blog where you could come along and laugh away your worries because some crazy lunatic has the talent, and the time, to write funny little posts that make you smile.

Your right, in a way, because you DO have a crazy lunatic sitting over here. And he DOES have the talent to write funny little posts that make you smile. But no, this blog is a Diary. It’s my way of unwinding; of letting loose my feelings, my thoughts, and my memories. And in that way, yes, you’re going to get loads of laughter, you’re going to get bored, and you’re going to get entertained. J

Welcome, to The Official Diary.