Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Fooling Around. :)

Today was just another day. Me with friends. The Mall. The food. The fun. :P
So yeah, we decide to go to this Juice Centre, where we get fresh fruit juices and stuff. The normal in-the-mall, ever-so-expensive, we-offer-healthy-juices, juice centre. So, we walk up, and my friend (lets call her, X, just to make things easier for me while typing. :P), decides that she wants me to treat her.  Now, me being the Ive-never-had-a-girlfriend-and-now-wouldn’t-be-a-bad-time kinda guy, thought it would be best for me to just pay without argument. So, yes, I end up shelling out a twenty note, for her pineapple/mango/orange/and-whatever-the-hell-else-is-there-in-that-thing. While I wait for my change, I look at X, and she hits upon this brilliant idea to make fun of me. She takes the change (and luckily for her, it’s only a single coin….Like I said, ever-so-expensive.), and hands it to me, like a person would hand change to a beggar on the sidewalk.

Needless to say, I was pissed. In a good way, though. So, I take the coin, laugh. And turn to the cashier, and say,”Dude, got a girlfriend?” He looks at me with this “WTF is wrong with you?!!” expression (Don’t forget, I’m 6 ‘4” and I don’t shave that often, I’m pretty sure he thought I was drunk:P), and replies, “No Sir. “ I say, “That’s awesome man. Keep it that way. And if you ever get a girlfriend, this is what happens (I show him the coin), you end up collecting change, while she enjoys this (I point to her drink).” He laughs a laugh that I was pretty sure only the likes of Navjod Singh Sidhu could produce, wipes a tear from his eye, and says,”Sir, I’m already married.” Now I’m the one who laughed like I was at a Russel Peters Show, while X and the lady attendant at the counter, fumed like the burnt paratha’s I get at my mess back in IIT. :P

So that was that. Or atleast that’s what I thought it was, until the lady turned to X, and said,”That’s a nice guy you’ve got there.” While I stand mind-shocked for a second, X nearly spits out her drink, and says (yells),”What the heck?!!!” loudly.
(This is, or atleast I think it is, where I lost all chances of going out with her. :P)

Now, picture this. You’re in a mall, with front of thousands of people, and all you can hear, is “What the heck” echoing through the corridors. Yes. Your right, THAT loud.

The lady shuts up. Doesn’t open her mouth. She just looks at the counter, and stifles a laugh, almost choking while doing so. The guy? He looks at my t-shirt, not knowing what to say, thinks now is the right time to say,”Awesome T-Shirt man. :) I like it.”

I’m standing there like a jackass, with an awesome T-Shirt, mind you. And all I could think of was, God, Why in the world couldn’t you just make the drink cost a round 20.

So, we walk away. X with her pineapple/mango/orange/and-whatever-the-hell-else-is-there-in-that-thing smoothie, and me with a awesome T-Shirt, and a single coin in my hand.


When a girl asks you to, just buy the damn drink. And say no more.

Ciao. :)


  1. awesome man ....good going !!!!! totally totally loved it ......
    getting a girl friend is a pain in the ass ....(totally agree with it )...

  2. @haimama: i guess jayesh's experience teaches us that not having one isnt that great either :P :D lol