Friday, October 1, 2010


When fate decides to play with you, you have to play. :P

I really have no idea what I meant by that. :P But yea, these past few weeks, I've been getting more and more pissed off with what one would call my 'Fate'. I really don't know what got into Him recently, if there is a 'Him' up there that is. But he's been pissing me off these past few days. :)

I mean, it's hardly been a month since I last posted something that started of something like this, “With a badly twisted finger, a swollen on and so forth”, that nice little sentimental piece about Dubai, Guwahati and Hyderabad, remember? (in alphabetical order, not preference. Diplomacy I'm learning.:P) But yes, it's only been maybe 5 weeks since my 'injury'. I had a knee cap dislocation, along with some ligament damage, a lateral patella dislocation is what it's called (I think. :D) I was forced to wear a thick leg brace for what was maybe a month. For one month, I suffered with the damn thing. Trust me, when you're in Guwahati for the summer, the last thing you want around your knee is a I-could-suffocate-you-with-this-thing knee brace. I mean, imagine a quilt wrapped around your leg, and then, walk around in a place where when the humidity is 75%, it's called pleasant. :P

So yes, that's what I did. And finally, the day came, when the doc said, “Ehh, you know what? One more week, a little bit of physio, and you'll be fit enough to play for the NBA”. I didn't bother correcting him that people play 'in' the NBA and not 'for' it. Nor did I bother telling him that a clumsy oaf like me couldn't play in the NBA even if I was a foot taller than my 'measly' 6 foot 4 inches. :P But yes, I was grinning for the rest of the day. Hell, even if you came up and told me that I was supposed to wear that brace and that the humidity was a 150%, I would have grinned and said,”Ok!”.

But all good things must come to end. Sometimes even before they start supposedly. There was this one day, which was a friday, two days away from my mid-sems, when i conveniently forgot to wear that quilt around my leg. The only ONE day that I EVER forgot to wear it during the ENTIRE five weeks of rest that I did take. The one day that my luck and my fate decided to play a game with me. :|

Here's the story in short.

I had this class that I was late for-I forgot to wear my brace-I decide to take a lift on the way back from class-I call up friend who has a bike-He says 'Ok!'-I sit on the bike-Car cuts in front of us without indicator-Friend hits the brake-Bike skids when he hits the brake-I fall off the bike.

The most important thing that got damaged due to this mishap?
Yes, you guessed right, my Tag-Heuer spectacles are in shatters. :(

The second most important thing that got damaged due to this mishap?
My knee. :/

Yea, hardly a month after I posted that post which started off with the line “With a badly twisted finger, a swollen on and so forth” Im here, back at home again, lying on the bed, with nothing to do. I have a ligament tear supposedly, something that can't be fixed without an operation they say. It's the same ligament which was injured before. He could only take so much before he said, “Thats it!!! I quit!”. Poor fellow. I don't blame him really. He did his best :) My meniscus, which is something like a cushion between the knee cap and the knee bones, kicked the bucket too. :P

So, now, I'm 'reduced' to walking around like House with a walking stick.
(I'm going to have to edit that statement though, how can anyone be 'reduced' to Dr. House? He's awesome! :P)
And as far as playing 'for' the NBA is concerned. I'm not really thinking of basketball as a career right now, but thank you for the offer. :P

So what do I call this? Bad luck? Destiny? Fate? All of the above? :P

Whatever it is, I don't like it. And although I try hard to put up this cover that (I hope) shows that I've come to terms with it, I don't really know if I have. I don't think anyone's to blame for it. But I sure as hell don't see any reason behind it either.

Oh well,
Thanks, to those of you who stuck by me when I groaning with pain.
And thanks also to those of you who read through this piece of crap and are now groaning in pain. :)

Take Care.

Until next time,

Today's song: Metalingus by Alter Bridge.


  1. there are moments when U think that its fate that's against you..and I wish that the explanation was as simple..Sure something's can't be explained, but recently I just realized...."Thinking negative won't do me any good anyways, why not trying thinking positive...if it works, then Its ALL THE GOOD that can happen to me"..
    may be a little of the topic here with that comment.

  2. I neva thot my ill fate wud lead to sm1 else's... but JB, blieve me, fate is pretty sinusoidal in area after 'N' periods is always zero...good times r knockin ur door soon.. i'll pray fr u..