Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just for the sake of posting.

You know how hard it is for me to write nowadays?

I mean, seriously! You might as well put a damn block of concrete on the top of my table and call it a writer’s block. :P

These past weeks I’ve been finding harder and harder to write something good. And as days come and go this irritation I feel when I sit in front of Microsoft Word’s oh-so-friendly pale blue screen, only seems to increase. It’s like someone came along and pulled the plug on my talent-meter (Thank you BTW, Coz it was already empty wasn’t it?! :P) And nothing nowadays seems to help me. For eg. Look at my last post. Zero Comments.(Yea. ZERO :P) So much for confidence eh? :D

And everytime I hit upon a good topic, I'm instantly distracted by someone. OR Something. It's like God doesn't want me to write. Divine Intervention anyone? :P

On one side, I’ve got my mom, yelling and shouting and yelling and shouting at me for not doing something at sometime, somewhere, where I was supposed to be. On the other, I’ve got my dad pestering me about how I should ‘utilize’ my holidays. And I’m stuck over here, thinking that sleeping and watching movies, after those 4 months back in Guwahati, was what I would be doing for my holidays. But just like how the Israeli government can’t see the Palestinians get sympathy from the rest of the world, I guess, my dad can’t seem to take the sight of his tall son, growing even bigger, sitting on the couch in front of the TV. (Come on, be fair to him, he thought he had got rid of me a year ago. :P) (Just kidding Dad. :D)

And loads of other stuff. (Yes, your right, the ‘loads of other stuff’ is the actual important ‘dope’ :P) So well, it hasn’t exactly been totally awesome atmosphere for me to update my blog these recent days. :)

So until I come up with something decent to post.



PS. There’s this thing I saw on a “friend’s” blog recently. So I might just copy it. :P (Sorry Bunzzie. :D)

Today’s Song: “Going Down in Flames” by 3 Doors Down.


  1. Me going through the same dilemma...and don't cease d way i have done...keep writing :)
    I'll look forward to everything you write... I like the way you nicely package it ;)

  2. Good post, we're all struck by the writer's block sometime or the other, I'm facing it now and wat I'm writing sucks pretty much!:P Btw nice song u mentioned.. like it