Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who Am I?

Although the title somehow gives the impression of me writing an article that a Mr. Sanjay Shinghania would have written [assuming that he had enough of a memory to remember what he was writing about..:) ]But no, this isnt about me asking myself who I am in society, its more about me asking myself how I shall be remembered in society, by all those people that I care about . Who shall I be remembered as, when people look down at their lives and regret those 1000 things that they do regret or cherish that one moment that they think “changed” their very lives.

There’s always been this lingering question of who we are and what role do we have in life and the lives of others. And there shall always be this question of whether we truly are who we want to be, or else, why would we care of what others thought of us? Why do we care about what others think when someone or we ourselves do what we do? Why is it that I [and here I finally ask the question] always want to be someone who is remembered for what he was to others than for what he just was? And why is that it has taken me so long to realise the fact that just being remembered isn’t enough. Why is it that it has taken me so long to realise that a person isn’t just what he is, more than what he is, he’s what he’s remembered by.

All around us, we find a number of reasons to remember someone else, to remember and cherish or try to forget those moments that one has had with that one person, to hope that there will finally be a day when we get to relive those days, or not. There will always be a memory, like it or not, of any episode in life, and more importantly, every person in our lives. It’s those memories that tell us who that person was to us, who that person shall be remembered as.

Finally I ask, as a person in other people’s lives, who am I remembered as? Am I just another one of those thousands in one’s life who doesn’t seem to matter much? Or am I someone else? Am I the one person who was avoided? Or am I someone who is remembered because I was one of the people no one could ignore?

There are so many of these irrelevant, ambiguous questions that don’t seem to have much importance but whose answers seem to have such an irreversible effect on us.To some, it might not seem like this post may have a point, and they may be correct. Maybe this was just another post to take up some more of that infinite kb on the internet. But to some others, like me, this is what they feel to be more important than almost everything in their lives. After all, this is a question whose answer defines who we are. It gives us the answer to the question “Who Am I”.

Ciao :)

Today's Song: "Dreaming Wide Awake" by Poets of the Fall

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  1. C'mon dude... I know you will make it really big someday...and with this heart of gold, I bet you'll be remembered post your existence on this planet
    Anyway, an awesome piece of writing again :)