Saturday, June 5, 2010

Robin Hood

Went for Robin Hood today.

Damn, it was lame.

It was like they tried doing a “Batman Begins” and a “Braveheart” at the same time. :P Ok ok, I know I’m not the movie-review guy from the newspaper that we all adore because he warns us not to watch or not to miss movies, so I’m not going to start reviewing movies every weekend for you guys. :P Although now, I’m seriously considering it as an alternative career choice in case my stint at IIT doesn’t go so well. :P Think about it, movies, popcorn, nachos, etc etc. Even your girlfriend would be pleased with the free tickets. :)

But yes, this post?
This post is just because I’m bored as hell.

So where was i?

Ah yes, Robin Hood!
Russell Crowe was a dissapointment, but admittedly, he didn’t have anything to work with in the first place. Me and my friends were so bored by the time Robin decides to lead the English Army to battle against the French (Yes yes, im still talking about Robin Hood,:P For more details on how this happened, read “Robin Hood” on any popular movie review site. :D), we started joking about every single thing.Like how Little John and the rest of the not-so-merry men get better looking English ladies than poor little Robin Hood(Cate Blanchett? Come on!!!). Like how the king of England always was and always is going to be a wuss :P. And by the end of the movie, we ended up getting a new nickname for me.

“Little J”, I’m to be called.

Yes sir.


THAT’S how productive this movie was. :P

Apart from the caramel and salted popcorn, the slush, and the nachos that the three of us idiots kept munching on, I didn’t have much to do in the theatre.Right from the word(s), “Long live the King” to the ending, I wasn’t really interested. That’s a phenomenon really, when a Russel Crowe film can’t captivate you, you know you HAVE a phenomenon on your hands. :P

And yes, my vote for the best scene in the movie goes for the following set of dialogue:

(Right before Little John decides to try his luck on a girl)
Friar Tuck: Little John?
L.J.: Yes Friar?
F.T: Why do they call you Little John?
L.J.: What are you trying to say Friar?! (Angry) Im well proportioned all right!


Ciao. :)

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  1. :D.... udaa di yaar tune to movie ki...wo bhi bade hi pyaar se