Friday, May 21, 2010

That Special Spice :)

Ever have that friend? That friend, who acts like a fool, looks like a fool, and is a fool? :) The type who takes you to parties, only to end up drunk and makes you take him back home, the type that makes you look like a jackass in front of the girls, and himself, an even bigger one? The type that takes a little longer than usual to understand a completely normal joke, and laughs like a baboon, just because he wants to make a point? The type who would learn how to hack and then hack into your Facebook profile just for a laugh? The ones who would kill to drive a Ferrari. (Ok, I admit, we all would do that. :P)

We all have those friends. Those irritating ones. Those I-refuse-to-grow-up ones. Those live-life-big ones. Those friends who refuse to see a less-than-happy face. And in my opinion, it’s those friends who give our lives that little extra spice that it needs. That pinch of something that your mom adds that makes food at home so much better? THAT’S what those friends are in life.

That little cherry on a Baskin Robbins ice cream which makes it so much more delicious. That little bit of chocolate syrup that they dish out in such miserly quantities when you order a chocolate cake. That little bit of chaat masala, that our very own Indian street vendors put on top of our Ragda Papdi’s. That little bit of spice. That’s what these friends bring into life.

It doesn’t even have to be a friend. An acquaintance, a person you got to know for only a week, but makes you smile every time he says “Howdy!” . :P. A person you know only for a month, but that person is just awesome at bringing out the best in you. Those are the people who could, and probably already have, added that little pinch of mom’s special ingredient into life.

The point of this post was that, when you find someone like that. Make sure you never let ‘em go. No matter what happens, try to hold on. Because it’s only going to be too late if you realize later on life, when they’re gone. I’ve made that mistake once before, and yes, I do regret it. But also, like I said, if it doesn’t work out, don’t even flinch an eye.:P Live life my friends. Find out who that one person is, who makes you who you are. Who ‘redefines’ you, as they say in sappy romantic films. Who knows? And yes, for your friends, YOU maybe that one person. :)

Good Night.



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  1. Nice 1 bro.... i wish m dat special spice in sm1z life
    like like like!!!!!
    keep up d good wrk...lookin frwrd 2 more frm u