Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cooking 101

Today was “The Day” people. The day I walked into the kitchen with an intention different from that of eating. The day I never believed that would come.

Today, my friends, was the day my mom decided to teach me how to cook.

Out of all the things I could expect that my parents were going to teach me, this was the most unexpected one. :P

“Driving”, or “Reading Telugu”, or even “Laundry” for all I care, were definitely above “Cooking” on the list. And yes, all those fears of burning afternoon lunch, or frying a curry into a black crisp….

They were for good reason.

Cooking’s no art, and no, it’s not a science either. It’s magic, that’s what it is. I mean, the way my mom literally just jerked the pan, and the paratha just did a 180 degree flip and landed, exactly where it was supposed to land. Or the way she just chopped a whole cabbage into mere pieces in a matter of seconds, THAT my friends, is something even Wolverine or Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street), would be proud of. :P Or even the way she turned a mush of various items and a bowl of rice into amazing(trust me, AMAZING) biryani.

That my friends, is what she said I would be able to do if I kept practising.

Not so much. :P

But what I don’t get is how I’d be able to THAT, when all I was able to do today was cut the rest of the cabbage that my mom, so kindly, left for me. And lets not forget to mention that I cut it like a surgeon would cut open a guy’s chest with utmost precision. And yet, my mom felt that the damn pieces were too big. (To be fair, I merely thought I’d have to open my mouth a bit wider while eating. :P)

But yes, today’s day in the kitchen? Not so bad I must say. I didn’t burn the afternoon lunch, nor did I fry anything to a black crisp. (Toast doesn’t count ok? The damn timer was broken :P)

And most importantly, the fact to remember today is that I walked out of the kitchen alive!
(Seriously, there are enough tools in there to fatally injure someone.)

So yes,

Heres wishing that I’ll learn how to make a paratha do a 180 degree flip.

Ciao. :)


  1. Hey... bloody same hre... actually, my mom's wrried abt my foreign internship stint already :D
    Cn u blieve dt??
    She wants me 2 prepare a meal fr d whole family now....i guess i shud seriously look at ds as an alternativ career optn...engg me kya rakha h?? ;)

  2. sure u will ....parathas r easy stuff dude !! dunn worry ull do just fine !!

    so i guess well b calling u 'paratha king' soon ? lolz :P